Bird Study

 Game Time  

Start out each class with a short name game to get to know the campers.

Name Game - Form a circle with everyone standing up.  The first person says their name and makes a motion or Symbol to represent him/herself.  The next person repeats the name and symbol of the person before them, then says their names and adds their symbol. The next person repeats the name and symbol of everyone before them and then adds their own.  Repeat until everyone in the circle has gone. 

Two Truths and a Lie - Give the group some time to write down two things about themselves that are true, and one thing that is a "lie."  Each group member will then share these facts about themselves and the rest of the group has to figure out which "fact" is actually a "lie."

Suggested supplies

Paper and pencils

Birds of Missouri

Discuss Birds of Missouri. What birds do campers know? Display Birds of MO poster and discuss different types of birds.

Birds of Mihaska (11x17 poster)

Parts of a Bird

Explore and discuss Parts of a Bird images. Handout worksheets and pencils and tape answer key on far wall. Have campers race to key and back to their answer sheets (cannot bring answer sheets or pencils to answer key) to fill in answers. First one done wins.

Parts of a Bird Images and Handout

Suggested supplies

- Pencils

- Tape

Bird Behavior Hike

Follow the Bird Behavior Hike Lesson Plan.

Bird Behavior Hike Lesson Plan

Suggested supplies


Dissect owl pellets 

Suggested supplies 

Pellets (click here to order)