Brigade - Your local corps cadet group is known as a brigade.


The Student Book

  • The student’s books arrived at D.H.Q. last week.  If you did not receive the booklets, please contact us immediately.
  • You received two books for Course A.  Each student will get one of each.  Book #1 is for Fall 2014- Sept/October and Book # is for Fall 2014- November/December.
  • In Cycle 5 you will only have corps cadets for four months in the fall and four months in the spring. 
  • If they need more books they may print them off the website.
  • We recommend that the Corps Cadet counselors keep the student books at the Corps.  Each student can be issued a pocket folder where they can keep the booklet and any additional papers.

Leader's Guide

  • Leaders should go and download the Leader's guide.
  • Each lesson has a Take Home Tear Off sheet.  This sheet is located in the teacher's manual.  The Corps Cadet counselor will need to print this before their class.
  • The Monthly review questions, SOAPS, and DYI sheets will also need to be printed off.  They are included in the Leader's guide.

Monthly Reports

  • The students will continue doing the SOAPS worksheet.  This worksheet is right at the beginning of the lesson in the Leaders Guide.
  • Each month has review questions (Checkpoints) These questions are also located in the Leader's Guide and will need to be printed off.
  • There are ten questions will be completed at the end of each month.  Nine of the questions will consist of true and false, fill-in the blanks, multiple-choice or short answers.  The tenth question is a reflection question.  Its value is twenty points.  The students must write 3 to 4 sentences to answer this question.
  • There is a monthly activity record.  The students will receive points for attending Sunday school, Corps Cadet Class, worship service, youth meetings, divisional and territorial events, prayer meetings or Bible study. 
  • They will also receive points for teaching Sunday school class or other activities, attending practices, visitation and service, and participating in worship services.
  • Each month there is a Scripture verse to be memorized.  The students will receive five points for reciting Scripture verse.
  • The answer keys are located at the back of the teacher's manual.
  • It is the responsibility of the corps officer to send the completed lessons to D.H.Q. by the 10th of the following month. (For example:  September's lessons need to be sent in to D.H.Q. by October 10th, etc.)
  • Please make a copy of the completed lessons and keep them in a binder at the corps. The corps will have a record of completed lessons just in case they are lost in the mail. 


Do It Yourself

  • The D.I.Y. section is to be completed by each brigade.  The Do-It-Yourself component can be completed at any time during the course.
  •  As a brigade, choose two of the four themes.  Then choose one of the options offered for each of the chosen themes.
  • Complete the activity and then answer the questions on the D.Y.I. debrief sheet located in the Leader's Guide. This sheet is to be sent in with the review questions.


Data Base

  • The database remains the same.
  • There is ten years’ worth of records stored in this database.  Cycle 3 and Cycle 4 are completely recorded. 
  • Nobody may go back to either cycle 3 or cycle 4 and complete missing lessons.
  • We are now entering cycle five. We are beginning with the course A.
  • When the corps officer updates their records, they unrolled the students in course A.
  • Check in the Officer's Report Book on Lotus Notes for instructions for updating the data base.
  • A student’s status will be listed as active, inactive, or perspective.
  • No one is ever deleted from the database.
  • If you see that a student has completed all ten courses and are still listed in the active database, it is because the graduate Corps Cadets certificate has not been generated.  As soon as that certificate is generated, the Corps Cadet will roll into the graduate section of the database. 
  • Nobody physically places a student in the graduate database.  It is done automatically when the certificates are generated.


Leader's Training's

  •  Below is a Leader's training booklet.

Corps Cadet Sunday

  • Corps Cadet Sunday is on the calendar for November. You do not need to do it on the date scheduled.  This is an important element of the program.

New Corps Cadet Curriculum Changes


 1.  The new curriculum is BOLD for Corps Cadets. We are no longer using CrossTraining for Corps Cadet Curriculum.

  • BOLD stands for the 4 elements of the Corps Cadet program: Bible study, Our Heritage, Leadership, and Discipleship
  • There are now student booklets to order twice a year (two booklets each time, for a total of 4 booklets per year) through your DYS.
  • All leader materials, questions, handouts, etc. will be available as a free pdf download.


2.  The monthly teaching is theme based.

  • In the past, an entire month would be devoted to Bible study from the Old Testament, Salvation Army history, etc.
  • Now, each week of the month will cover the BOLD elements based on a central theme such as Mercy.


3.  Corps Cadets has moved from a 10-month program to an 8-month program and from 3 lessons per month to 4 lessons per month.

  • There are no longer lessons scheduled for January or June.
  • Leaders may choose to move December lessons to January as applicable to their corps programming schedule and needs.
  • Without the extra week without a lesson, often used in the past to complete the Checkpoints, it is recommended that the relevant Monthly Questions be completed at the end of each weekly lesson.


4.  Corps Cadets has a change in the membership requirement.

  • It is no longer for age 13 or in the 7th grade.
  •  It is now for age 12 and in the 6th grade.


5.  The wording has changed as follows:

  • Checkpoints are now Monthly Questions
  • Weekly Workout is now Activity Record
  • Leadership Practicum is now Do It Yourself (or D.I.Y.)
  • Cycle is now Edition (instead of starting cycle 5, it is the 1st Edition of BOLD)


6.  The new DIY (formerly Ministry Practicum) is different.

  • Two are required per course (details are included in the student booklets and leader materials).
  • Together, the two account for the 100 points that were previously the 5th month of lessons.


7.  There is no longer a distinction between levels in Monthly Questions.

  • There will not be a Level 1 or Level 2 option.
  •  Questions are intended to review comprehension and maintain accountability for completing the program and awarding scholarships.
  •  Levels 1, 2, and 3 will remain for certificates—still based on years completed, not academic level.


8.  There is now a memory verse as part of the monthly scores.

  • The SOAPs for each month are based on this verse.
  • This is a way to encourage scripture memorization amongst our teens.