Youth Registration (Permission) Form

Please feel free to download this form and distribute to your Character Building parents. The information contained in this form is important to parents

  • Troop Registrations- these forms are for Corps use only- registration is done on our Character Building Database

  • Quarterly News
  • Religious Survey
  • Emblem Request
  • Higher  Award Forms (see buttons below)
    • Boys (including but not limited to)
      • Divisional Commanders Award
      • Territorial Commanders Award
      • Red Shield Award
      • Generals Award
      • National Commanders Award
    • Girls  (including but not limited to)
      • General Guard
      • Catherine Booth Award
      • Palm Award
      • Commissioner Sunbeam
      • Bronze, Sliver and Gold Star
    • Non Gender Specific 
      • God And Country
      • Volunteer Service Award
      • Life Saving Award

The Salvation Army Ministry Toolkit

  • Click on the link above, to go to the website containing resources for emblems, etc. You will need to create an account (it's free). for ease of use, use the "Search" box.