All youth Leader Volunteers with the Salvation Army are considered "Local Officers"


Notice:  The Youth Department now uses Volunteer Impact to register all Leaders and Volunters.  You will still ned to complete the Bonded or Warrented Papework and submit it to the Volunteer Department.


Sign up to Volunteer here (Click on this link)


Safe From Harm online Training (Click on this link)


Please note that before Commission and/or Warrant is issued (forms found below), Safe From Harm must be completed by the volunteer and recorded with the Volunteer Department. 


Bonded - Volunteer Soldiers- Uniform wearing Soldiers in good standing.

  • Local Officer Bond Form

Warranted- Character Building Program leaders who are non-Salvationists or are "non uniform wearing" congressional members.

  • Boy's Leader (Adventure Corps:  Explorer and Ranger)

  • Girls Leader (Sunbeam, Moonbeam and Girl Guard)

All forms are to be returned directly to Charity Powell in the Volunteer Department for processing.  Please use a Cover sheet that indicated Personal and Confidential.


Having Problems???

If you are having problems, you can obtain the paper copies from the below link.  Before Accessing the documents, please contact the Midland Youth Department so we can try to help you register on line.  

Click here>>>>>>New Youth Leader Volunteer Packet

Include in packet:

  • Sterling - background form - anyone 18 and over must complete
  •  Caregivers Background form - State of Missouri for all volunteers 18 and older.
  • Background Check - State of Illinois (residents of Il. only) for those Il. volunteers 18 years and older.
  • Working with Minors- for anyone 18 years of age and older.

Please return all forms directly to Charity Powell in the volunteer department for processing under Personal and Confidential cover


Originals with ink signature are needed, Facsimile and e mail copies will not be processed.