October 3 & 4, 2014 at the Melvin Theater STL

Story is the theme of this years Young Adult Retreat open to 18 - 29 year olds and their leaders (all ages) come Explore : How do we let scripture speak to us?

The Music

Angie G

Singing since the tender age of 3 yrs old, Angie G epitomizes artistry and devotion to excellence in musicianship. She possesses a genuine heart after God, resulting in a distinct, anointed sound unlike any other artist. Angie is lauded for her tonal precision, vocal agility, and impeccable range that instantly captivates audiences. Her music is a much-anticipated breath of fresh air into the industry. In addition to her overawing voice, she is an accomplished songwriter, vocal arranger, and producer with a creative ear for innovative harmony. 


Families consists of three folk story tellers, with souls of grass and minds made out of the mountains, weaving personal tales from the Bible. Families is about community, folklore, and the Kingdom. They love to play music with friends, inviting them to pick up instruments and play along, and are used to playing in living rooms, basements, coffee shops, and parks.

The Space

The Melvin Theater 

2912 Chippewa Street, St. Louis, MO 63118


The Melvin Theatre opened in 1914 and seated 481. It opened as an indepedent theatre and remained that way until its closing in the 1980’s. It only had two owners. One of the more successful of the neighborhood theatres located in the Dutch Town area of south St. Louis. Just a block away from the Yale Theatre on Minnesota and within walking distance from the much larger Melba Theatre on South Grand. Even until its closing in 1979 the box office was in the inside lobby and the tickets were on large rolls hung above the cashier. The marquee had no current attraction lettering on it it just simply said Melvin Theatre on all three sides.

The Speaker

Lt. Mary Kim

This year the Midland Division was blessed with Lt. Mary Kim as the new corps officer at the Maplewood Corps. She has a way of connecting and engaging people that is truly genuine and a ton of fun!



Housing will be available for out of towners at no extra charge. Housing will be at St. Louis Temple Corps. Showers, internet and a continental breakfast included.