We had a great time in 2018 see you all again in 2020!! Check back in Jan. 2020 for updated information.
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Directions to commuter parking lot:


From the East:

Exit the highway at the Bourbon Mo Exit.  To head to the lot turn right.   At the stop sign on the service road, turn left.  You will see the parking lot off to the left side.


From the West:

Exit the highway at Bourbon Mo. Exit.  To head to the Commuter Parking lot turn left.  Go the the end of Pine street crossing over the higway.  At the serivce road stop sign, turn left.  You will see the parking lot off to the left side.

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Location: Camp Mihaska 1466 Highway N Bourbon Mo 65441

Troop Rally Schedule


 9:45 am - 10:00 am:         Arrive at camp & head to                                                           registration

10:00 am - 11:15 am:       Registration                                                                             Location:  Von Hoffman Pavilion                                               Check-in, proceed to Uniform                                                   Inspection, then work on the                                                     opening activity.   (Scavenger Hunt)

11:15 am -  11:30 am:       Location:  Von Hoffman Pavilion                                              Welcome & Announcements

11:30 am -  12:15 pm:       Location:  Dining Hall                                                              Lunch

12:15 pm - 12:30 pm:       Head to assigned stations                                                        (see map in passport)

12:30 pm -   3:15 pm:       Station Activity Exploration.                                                     Camp will be set up with 12 stations                                         for you to visit, learn and explore.                                             Take time to enjoy the                                                               GREAT OUTDOORS!!

3:15 pm -  3:30 pm:          Head to the Award Ceremony

3:30 pm -  4:15 pm:          Location:  Dining Hall                                                                Award Ceremony

4:15 pm -  4:30 pm:          Head for Home   


Here's what Troop Leaders need to know:

Upon arrival and registration check in at the Camp troops will be given a short time to put on complete uniforms and line up. (troops may travel and  arrive in uniform if they prefer).  The bathrooms and showers at the pool house and the dining hall will be available for those who need to change before and/or after uniform inspection.

When the troop is ready they will stand in a line in uniform and say their pledge for the uniform inspector. Click for Uniform inspection info. 

This year all troops are asked to create a troop crest on poster board which will also be shown to the group at the Award Ceremony. Click for sample instructions.

After troops are inspected, the troop leader can take the troop on a scavenger hunt through out camp to collect several items.   These items will be turned in to Justin Lowry before departing from Camp.

Troop Leaders will stay with their unit during the station rotations.  Larger troops will be divided into smaller groups not to exceed 20 to 25 people per station.  If your troop is larger, please bring additional leadership so that each group has a leader with them.  We recommend 2 leaders for every 10 youth.   For younger units, additional leadership is suggested at 2 leader for every 5 youth.   

There is a suggested time of 15 minutes at each station, however this is a self paced event.  Units that complete the stations early may use the extra time to finish the scavenger hunt from the opening activity, or complete 2 other bonus stations.    Please remember you must stay with your campers during all station activity, including any bonus stations in which they participate.

Lunch:  Everyone will have lunch in the Cafeteria in the same manor as regular Camp.  Food restrictions or allergies must be submitted 2 weeks early to ensure that appropriate substitutions are available.  It is the responsibility of the Troop Leader to ensure that the child/leader needing a special lunch is identified to the kitchen staff.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost and how do I register?

Troop Rally is $5 per participant (including leaders and staff to cover lunch) Registration forms must be completed by March 8, 2018 at 3 pm.


Lunch will be provided for all paid volunteers, leaders and participants

What if the weather is bad?

There is a contingency plan should the weather turn sour.   The stations and activities will remain the same, but locations will be altered.  Units will receive a current map with the location of activities through registration.  Should one of our stations need to be eliminated due to weather, it will be announced at orientation. 

What is a  "Station".....

Stations are activities designed around our theme of The GREAT OUTDOORS.  There are 12 stations and 3 bonus stations.  The 12 stations are set up around activities related to the great outdoors and the badges the troops have or will work on throughout the year.   Items in each station may fulfill some of the requirements needed for a badge, so leaders should take note of who participates in each station.  Rally is not designed to teach a badge, but touch on items that will encourage youth to participate in outdoor emblems and camps. 


Camp has limited parking.  Corps are encouraged to travel as a group in as few vehicles as possible.  The parking at camp must accommodate the Camp employees, volunteers and outside groups that use the camp.  As rally is only a daytime activity, there may be other individuals or groups at camp with us. 

Who can come?

All character building participants and leaders, are welcome.  Parents are welcome to attend during the activities or participate as a volunteer leader. Parents must be registered and pay the registration fee to have a lunch provided. 

Why is there no information about what materials the kids should be "studying" for the rally?

We are not requiring any activities to be covered before this rally.  This is designed to encourage the youth to get up, get out and enjoy.

Do I need to make a Crest for each character building troop?  


How can my troop prepare and what do we need to bring? 

Each troop will need to come prepared for a uniform inspection, to say their pledge and have a Crest.  A registration form will be needed to confirm participants as well.

What counts as an official uniform?

All of troop is dressed alike. Troops will earn points for conformity. A matching color shirt and pants/skirt is acceptable as long as it is coordinated. See uniform inspection form.

Permission Slip:     All participants will need to have a permission slip on file (including leaders, parents and volunteers).  The form covers the transportation, photo release and food allergies and can be found by clicking here.


Location:  Camp Mihaska Boubon Mo. map link below: